Nisa – Nashim Conference Workshop

05th March 2017   Pleased to be attending the constructive Inaugural Conference of Nisa-Nashim at Westminster University. Muslim Mother's was presented as part of an education workshop exploring contributions and challenges of faith-led mothers. The interactive workshop invited responses to some of the questions asked in Muslim Mothers and their Children’s Schooling. Themes from the book were also explored alongside eye-opening contributions from educators and parents participating in the workshop. Attendees included teachers, parents, and particularly those who have chosen faith schools for their children. The talking points prompted the exchange of stories and experiences including that of a head teacher of a Jewish primary school who related a heart-warming example of employing two Muslim teachers who were welcomed by the school community in spite of some initial worries. The discussion extended to acknowledging the problematic realities in our respective communities – those realities that stereotypes come from – such as the ‘disengaged Pakistani/Muslim parent’; some deep ‘intra-community’ issues reared their head! Photo creds: Yakir Zur...
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